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Transform your room into a mesmerizing cosmic sanctuary with our Galactic Buddies! Immerse yourself in the beauty of the universe as these charming spacemen cast stars and nebulae onto your ceiling. Perfect for creating a tranquil and dreamy atmosphere, these projectors bring the wonders of space right into your home. Explore the cosmos from the comfort of your own space with our Galactic Buddies. What are you waiting for?!

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Sitting Star Buddies

These little guys are perfect to create the vibe you want in any room in your house. Use it as a night light for your toddlers, to create the perfect vibe at night when gaming or watching a movie, there's so many ways to use these! Go get one now and take your pick of black or white, or both!

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Standing Moon Buddy

Our Standing Moon Buddies are the most popular product we have. They are high quality and very cool looking. Create the perfect vibe for any occasion/room with this perfect addition. What are you waiting for go get your Standing Moon Buddy now!

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Bluetooth Galaxy Projector

These Projectors hook up to your phone via bluetooth and have built in speakers to play your music while you gaze at the stars. This projector is perfect to impress people with at parties, or just to have in your room to play your music. Go get your Bluetooth Galaxy Projector now!

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About Us

We here at Galactic Buddies wish to give every one of our customers a unique experience. We want to replace the same old boring lighting with our new, exciting, and fun Galactic Buddies. Whether you have toddlers that need a night light, your a teenager that wants to create a cool vibe in your room, or you are getting older and want to gaze at the stars as you lounge, our product is perfect for all ages! We want our customers to enjoy shopping with us and we will keep improving and growing with your support. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for shopping with us. Now get your Galactic Buddy!